Valerie Passano


Valerie Passano likes the number eight and wanted to record her interview on the Lion’s Gate, 8/8. The Lion’s Gate energy is all about more fully awakening your Divine Light, it’s about alignment and activating your true essence and embodying it. Looking back, it’s amazing how this all came together, two seemingly strangers, brought together by our Divine Infinite Selves collaborating so that Valerie can share her message of strength, and unconditional love. 

She went through a profound and tragic experience that fundamentally altered her life on every single level.  You are about to get a huge heart activation. So sit back and receive.  Valerie’s bright energy and her message offer hope to so many people going through so much loss right now.

The 10-day silent meditation retreat in Mexico that she talked about is called: Hridaya Yoga

How to get in touch with Valerie:, IG: vapassano, FB: Valerie Passano

Music: New Day by Tokyo Music Walker Stream & Download :​ Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0, Tokyo Music Walker: , Produced and Edited by Sharmila Mali

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