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Do you remember being 22?   Do you remember what you were doing, who you wanted to be or were becoming? Did you ever consider doing something that was so far out of your lane, you almost had to become someone else? Well, that’s what my next guest did, on a suggestion of a friend, she went from being a doormat to a Dominatrix. 

She just published a book about it:   "Freedom Year: How Trying to Be a Dominatrix (and Failing) Changed my Life.”

We talk about that, intuition, long-distance love and the pandemic, and using an object as a muse for creativity.  Let’s find out what else the ever-so-lovely Sofia Wren has to say on this week’s, confident healer.

Sofia is a writer, musician, and spiritual support for writers, creators, and entrepreneurs around the world. Beginning her work almost ten years ago, she's been described as having spot-on intuition, positive vibes, and a gift for words that inspire. She has an M.A. in Spiritual and Pastoral Care from Loyola and a passion for helping unconventional people to always know what to do next because they can hear their intuition and trust it. She recently published the memoir, "Freedom Year: How Trying to Be a Dominatrix (and Failing) Changed my Life" which you can buy directly at:

If you are interested in getting involved in the Sierra Leone organization that she mentioned please see Sofia's email below.



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