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Have you ever thought about where all these societal hierarchies come from? And by that I mean sexism, racism, classism.  Hasn’t it always been this way—don’t we as humans beat down on the weak in some way, isn’t that just a part of humanity as a whole?  My next guest says no.  We jump right into a conversation about finding the courage and confidence to educate people about some unknown and uncomfortable truths about U.S. and World history. We dive into a lot more about self-trust, expanding into fear, and accepting that we spiritual beings having a human experience. Let’s listen in to my convo with Shawna Bluestar, this week’s confident healer.

Shawna Bluestar is an international keynote speaker at universities, festivals and community events. She has been on the radio and host for online summits. She is dedicated to supporting seekers, changemakers, and advocates who want to make a positive impact, to live their true calling and share their unique gifts living their purpose and dreams. She works with her father to help lead a global movement for conscious change to speak out on The Doctrine of Discovery and Domination Code. She is the creator and facilitator for her ground-breaking programs, The Reverence Code Reset, and Sacred Feminine Rising. To learn more about her upcoming course, The Revernce Code Reset in February of 2021 and other upcoming programs..

Resources mentioned: Pagans in the Promise Land: Decoding the Doctrine of Discovery by Steven Newcomb (Shawna's father)

Documentary Film of Shawna's father's book: The Doctrine of Discovery:Unmasking the Domination Code

Music: New Day by Tokyo Music Walker Stream & Download :​ Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0, Tokyo Music Walker:

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