S2E17 What is Reiki and how does Reiki/energy healing work?

So what is Reiki anyway, Sharmila? Well, I am so glad you asked because that’s what this week’s episode is about!

I give many examples of how we experience energy in our everyday lives and we apply that to healing. 

I also give a  what a Reiki micro-session, so you know what Reiki feels like. It’s near the end of the episode.  Hopefully, you will understand Reiki healing and energy healing more and if you would like to experience a session, you can book an appointment: https://www.ojaireiki.com/scheduleyoursession


-I started my Reiki journey for my own personal self-healing.
-What is Reiki?
-A Japanese type of healing either hands-on or done remotely.
-Can be done across time, distance;  you don’t have to be physically touching someone.
-We are all energy beings.
-What does this expression mean:  I don’t have the energy or I have so much energy right now.
-Reiki/energy healing is a meditative state that facilitates healing with intention.
-Practitioner channels infinite energy to another person, using their Divine Guides.
-In last week’s episode, “how to stop absorbing other people’s energy” I mentioned that you don’t need to fix; or use all of your energy, you can get help from your guides.
-Some energy healers have a mentality that they need to fix the person because that’s what healing is.
-You can’t fix this person, you can help alleviate a sense of relief.
-Example of feeling drained of energy is child-rearing, so you can prevent physical exhaustion.
-Reiki helps clear, ground, relieving some kind of stress in your life.
-Does this make sense, if it is or isn’t let me know you can leave me a voice message on theconfidenthealer.net website.
-There is an energy exchange with this podcast, you are drawn to me because something about me resonates with you.
-Reiki, energy healing allows you to work outside the box, you use all of your senses and more even when you are receiving.
-Visualize how the energy works, it comes from your infinite source, and imagine the energy coming out of your crown, third eye, and or heart chakra, flowing down and out of your hands.
-To help you understand what energy/Reiki is, you can give a texture to the energy to help you connect with it more, maybe it’s like water or light.
-Another example of energetic interaction to help you understand, is walking into a room and you know whether or not you want to be there,  there is something you are feeling that makes you not want to be there. That’s an energy that you do interact with on a daily without realizing it.
-That’s where you follow your intuition and leave.
-Some people have fear about Reiki or energy healing because they don’t want someone messing with their energy.
-Most healing practitioners aren’t nefarious, they are very altruistic and want to help people because it’s their calling.
-Of course, there are people scamming others, but they are easy to spot if you are discerning enough.
-My Reiki experiences after the 1st level were exciting because I felt like King Midas, I felt like I had a golden, healing touch.
-Reiki changed my life in so many great ways and brought a deeper healing experience so that I could be more self-reliant.
-I would practice before going to work, after waking up, I would practice Reiki on myself.
-Reiki can validate you, like if you have psychic abilities that you shut off since you were a kid.
-A little history of Reiki, started by a Japanese Buddhist, Mikao Usui.
-Downloaded a healing system after meditating for 21 days.
-Reiki is different from other energy healing systems because a Reiki Master Teacher initiates or attunes the student to Reiki.
-Energy healing teaches you how to connect with energy, using meridians, and visualizations, but there is no attunement process like in the Reiki system.
-Either way, they are both effective.
-The way I teach, are the traditional Usui Reiki attunements and Reiki hand positions, plus teaching energy healing techniques, and helping you find your own intuitive healing gifts.
-Practice is key to growing your healing abilities and growing your intuition.
-Practice Reiki, tapping into that universal energy flow
-I transmit Reiki through the episode so that you can experience it.

Mentioned in the episode:
Here is the application  link for the Confident Healer Training Certification https://forms.gle/qHAXxuxW6geUCK4S9

About the Hostess:
Sharmila Mali is a Self-Love Expert, intuitive healer, Reiki Master Teacher, Akashic Records Reader (in addition to being a podcaster) and for the past 19 years or so, most of her clients have been women, who want to get over their ex. She also teaches intuitive energy healing and Reiki.

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