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In this episode, Keslie Mack is so upbeat about her journey to becoming a healer.  Find out how this busy mother of 3 overcame chronic pain from double scoliosis and the underlying debilitating feeling like she was never good enough to finding freedom from pain and intrinsically knowing that she is more than enough.  This is her story of how she became a confident healer.

Keslie Mack is an Intuitive Healer, Certified Hypnotherapy Teacher, and Reiki Master Instructor. She also created the Freedom from Mask Anxiety, a downloadable audio and writing exercises to bring peace and calm while they are wearing a face mask.  She specializes in Energetic and Emotional Trauma Release.

She has helped dozens of clients overcome their childhood abuse and live lives better than they ever expected. She healed her own chronic pain, depression, and anxiety naturally by healing her past.

Instagram @KeslieMack,
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