Intuition, Motivation and A Lost Cell Phone



Intuition, Motivation and a lost cell phone by Sharmila Mali


I am back with another solocast and this week's I talk about using your intuition as motivation. Sometimes, you ask for a little help from your intuitive friends, and luckily for me, they delivered! It's important to be able to listen to your intuition and take action on it, it can be a motivating factor of encouraging you to keep moving forward. And when you ask your friends to use their intuitive talents to help find a lost object, it's even more of a motivational boost when they tell you it's not lost. I could have easily brushed it off because I didn't lose my phone at home, the last place I used it was at my office. But I trusted the information. 

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • thanking my Indian listeners on
  • I was interviewed on SXY podcast
  • losing my phone
  • a little help from my friends
  • using intuition as motivation
  • importance of trusting the information you get from intuition

Resources mentioned in this episode:
NSFW! Ep. 14 Loving Thy (SXY) Self with Sharmila Mali, an interview by my friend, Angelica Gutierrez for her podcast.

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Or to contact me about getting over your ex, and moving in on confidence and self-love,  go to 

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Edited and produced by Sharmila Mali

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