Grieving as a spiritual practice builds confidence with Neelam Nanvani

Where do you find the courage and strength to continue running your business after your spouse and business partner suddenly die?

This week’s guest, Neelam Nanvani will tell you, the only out of grief, is through. It’s been challenging, to say the very least and, yet Neelam has found a deeper connection to the Divine within.  She had to continue a new women's mentorship program she was teaching when her husband suddenly fell ill and then died within a week.

Through her grief, she was able to be a channel in her mentorship program and taught new concepts and a deeper understanding to the Divine Feminine.

For her, Shamanism is not just another healing modality, it is a Way of Life, a way from which anything and everything springs, births, and evolves. Neelam is also a highly evolved facilitator in the areas of Shadow work, trans-generational wounds and Inner Child work. She also teaches about Dream work as practiced in indigenous Shamanic societies and how we can use the gift of Dreams to heal. She calls dreams, “Oracles of the Night.” Evolving into BEing a voice for the Divine Feminine and The Empowered Woman.


Topics discussed in this episode:

-Neelam discusses her grief process being lonely and no support in her grief
-Her husband died very quickly during the start of her women’s mentorship program
-She observed how masculine we have become in our grieving process
-Grit and glory, and bypassing emotions
-Grief is a doorway to a deeper feminine journey that people have forgotten
-People forgot how to be a human
-Her husband’s friends and colleagues turned silent because they didn’t know what to say to Neelam
-She canceled the other programs that people had signed up before
-She became a conduit during the women’s mentorship program
-She didn’t hide her pain from her students
-Paul was the webmaster, creating the newsletter, Neelam was more the front end
-Plus they taught a lot of programs before
-She has to run the business full-time now and learn how to do what he did
-Divine masculine and divine and feminine, they are yang and yin
-Feminine, all of nature represents the feminine nature, retreat, recuperate, receptivity, creativity (birth), compassion, collaboration, nurturing, also like nature, ferocious, the dark night of the soul
-Masculine outgoing, expansion, growth, rational mind, cognitive mind, light, logic, taking action
-Shamanism is a spiritual practice that exists in all cultures of the world, it’s a way of life
-Commonalities in shamanistic principles is the same throughout the world is to live in harmony with nature, live from the heart
-The modern world violates the Earth, and disconnected us from our soul
-Pandemic taught that love, being there for each other, and basic necessities
-Her family doesn’t understand what the spiritual work that she does
-They understand she does some kind of teaching
-Vedic, Hinduism and shamanic way of living are the similar, though rituals might be different
-She worked in corporate, met her husband Paul a few years ago
-Confidence has been challenging, experienced bankruptcy, low turnout for workshops online and in person when over the years
-But she had a deep-rooted belief in her work and Paul’s
-She and Paul was a twin-flames, yet they still had their challenges
-Whenever they had challenges, they would work through their blocks about money
-They also did practical things of running a business in terms of marketing and sales
-She still has anxiety that she deals with when running a business
-Alignment with your purpose and your path, the rest of things in life fall into place
-The faith she has in herself remains strong despite current struggles of running her business alone now
-While making money is important, she has other measures of success that align with her values and who she is
-After her husband died, she was worried she would lose her audience, but again relied on her believing in herself
-She expressed her vulnerability during after Paul died, and found a lot of support from women online
-As an entrepreneur, we need our work to be seen
-Putting yourself in some kind of action no matter how small builds confidence

About Guest:
Neelam Nanvani
Neelam is an International Teacher, Guide and Shamanic Counselor whose voice represents the voice of the Collective You! She has risen from her own pain, abuse, and strife to Re-member, Re-claim and Re-discover her true potential and Power. Dedicated to sharing her knowledge and compassionate heart with others, she blends intuitive wisdom with solid understanding, creating a powerful, holistic approach, specializing in the areas of Spiritual & Emotional change in a Light, simple and effortless way.

About the Hostess:
Sharmila Mali, in case you didn’t know, is a Self-Love Expert, intuitive healer, Reiki Master Teacher, Akashic Records Reader (in addition to being a podcaster) and for the past 15 years or so, most of her clients have been women, who want to get over their ex. She also teaches intuitive energy healing and Reiki.

FB: @Intuitive-Consulting-with-Sharmila  IG: @sharmila_the_self_love_expert

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Intro and Outro Music: The Joker produced by Danya Vodovoz,  Royalty Free Music.
Produced by Sharmila Mali, Edited by Chris Jessup

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