Empowering South Asian Womyn in the workforce



We are back this week with an actual convo with someone else! YAAY! In today's episode, I bring back my 2nd guest that I had on the show last year, Deepa Pulipati,  to talk about empowering South Asian women and strengthening their leadership skills in the workforce. 

Deepa brings up some interesting facts she discovered in her research about South Asian women in the US corporate world, things that reflect our South Asian upbringing in a patriarchal society. It's complicated, but she and I have a great talk about the corporate world and how we can be agents of change to create a more harmonious place at work where productivity, creativity, and self-compassion create a bottom line of job satisfaction, better leadership, and a better product. 

Plus, she gives two very simple exercises to create more balance between the inner critic we all have and developing the inner champion we need more of.  We had such a great conversation and we are so excited about the South Asian Womyn's Leadership program!

Topics discussed in this episode:

-People tend to lump South Asian and SE Asian womyn together, but there are some unique differences between the 2 groups
-Deepa and Sharmila are working together in the South Asian Womyn's Leadership Series, a bespoke 5-week program to provide South Asian (here on out S.A.) womyn with tools for advancement, build confidence, and learn how to share their stories amongst other important tools just to name a show
-How do South Asian womyn advance in the workplace
-Deepa observed her South Asian womyn clients and South Asian womyn associates that worked in felt like they didn't had a clear path to "get ahead" and a lack of representation of South Asian womyn mentors, or South Asian womyn in a leadership role
-Deepa personally knows many South Asian womyn that are successful in South Asia and in America
-There are very few studies and articles about South Asian womyn in the workplace in the United States
      --why is this?
-A study showed that womyn are not confrontational nor do they take risks at work
-American corporate culture needs to change. We need to think differently and revamp the corporate structure
-Solutions offered for clients in the SA Womyn's Leadership series, create community, i.e. "your ideal day" exercise, taking inventory throughout your day, focusing on all the tasks you did
-What 3 things do you appreciate about yourself exercise

Resources mentioned: 
South Asian Womyn's Leadership series deepa@tulacoach.com for more info
Asian Amerian & Pacific Islanders stopaapihate.org

About the guest:
Deepa Pulipati is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. She is a certified Executive Coach, Certified Facilitator for Brené Brown workshops for Daring Greatly, Rising Strong and BOLD teen workshops. She also specializes in working with parents in custody conflicts and mediating their parenting agreements. And she is currently Adjunct Faculty at Antioch University in Santa Barbara, teaching in their Master of Clinical Psychology Program.

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