Ask the Akashic Records part 4

This is part 4 in the Akashic Record series, I am just having so much fun answering questions that you send me!

We get answers to some great questions such as what is the energy for the week, and I answered a listener’s question (with the listener’s permission) to ask Ancient Mother’s Akashic Record about using a pendulum and getting answers that later turns out to be the opposite.

Let me know if you want to ask a question for the Akashic Records, or have a topic you would like for me to cover regarding healing. I would love to hear from you.

Show Notes
-Part four in the Ask the Akashic Record series
-Look out for more information about the new Confident Healer certification program, 9 months of in-depth healing, developing your intuition and getting certified in all 3 levels or Reiki
-What is the energy for this week is asked to Ancient Mother’s Akashic Record
-Finding peace on Earth by connecting to the Earth by lying or sitting on the bare earth
-If everyone did this, the love from you will amplify Earth’s energy
-It helps to move your stagnant, excess energy, joy, sorry, depression, etc
-What does the world need to know about this week another question for Ancient Mother’s Akashic Record
-“Her” records say: tumultuous, it’s a natural part of the life
-Remedy is to walk in nature
-Ancient Mother answer’s the questions: What are the Akashic Record, this is a request by a friend of Sharmila
-A listener asked Sharmila about why the pendulum isn’t accurate for the lister
-Ancient Mother’s Akashic Records answers a listener’s question about using a pendulum
-Being attached especially if dowsing yourself
-Manage expectations of yourself and the other person is projecting on you

About the Hostess:
Sharmila Mali is a Self-Love Expert, intuitive healer, Reiki Master Teacher, Akashic Records Reader (in addition to being a podcaster) and for the past 19 years or so, most of her clients have been women, who want to get over their ex. She also teaches intuitive energy healing and Reiki.

FB: @Intuitive-Consulting-with-Sharmila  IG: @sharmila_the_self_love_expert  TIKTOK: @confidenthealer

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Intro and Outro Music: The Joker produced by Danya Vodovoz,  Royalty Free Music.

Edited by Sharmila Mali

Sound Engineer: Chris Jessup

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