Adrienne Shamszad on Singing and Building Self-Esteem Through Confidence



Meet Adrienne Shamzad, this week’s confident healer!

This was such a packed conversation about being an artist and sharing your voice with the world. This week’s guest is an amazing singer and I highly recommend you check out her live acoustic sets on her Patreon, then you will know why her music is so evocative, she has a way of taking your breath away.  We got into a deep conversation about the effects of late-stage capitalism and the effects it has on your self-esteem and confidence. We also talked about her life experiences with managing depression and anxiety, one of the things it has taught her is to appreciate what makes life so unique and to boldly sing her heart out. 

Topics discussed in this episode:

-Opportunities that showed up during the pandemic

-Created an online singing community with people sheltering from abusive relationships

-Adrienne started singing in childhood

-Mother was a folk singer

-Parents were supportive of Adrienne’s career choice

-Father’s conflict fueled Adrienne’s creativity

-Being a daughter of an immigrant and the conflict of pursuing music professionally

-Started studying Iranian music and incorporating it into her style

-Adrienne’s talks about confidence and self-esteem

-Suffers and manages depression and anxiety

-Making music versus the challenges of pursuing it professionally

-Late-stage capitalism and how we as a society tie money to our confidence and self-esteem

-Yoga and how it helps her singing v

About: Adrienne Shamzad is a singer-songwriter, culture preserver and teaching artist from Oakland, CA who combines American folk, soul and the blues with traditional Iranian music to tell the story of life. Her music centers around the pursuit of truth, building bridges between culture, and her mission is to offer her human family Love and connection through song, laughter, and storytelling.  

Contact Adrienne: instagram: @aidishams Facebook: Adrienne Shamszad Music Youtube: eyeamshamszad


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Sharmila Mali is the host of The Confident Healer podcast and is a Self-Love Expert and Reiki Master Teacher that works with womyn who want to get over their ex.

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Music: New Day by Tokyo Music Walker Stream & Download:​ Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0, Tokyo Music Walker:, Produced by Sharmila Mali, Edited by Chris Jessup

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